Mahr (Mehr) is a mandatory gift from the groom to the bride in Islamic marriages, which becomes the bride’s separate property. The agreement specifies the conditions under which the Mahr is paid and outlines the financial obligations associated with it in the event of a divorce initiated by either party.

Mahr Payment Terms

Upfront Mahr Payment

  • Initial Payment: The agreement includes a clause specifying an upfront Mahr amount, which is paid at the time of the marriage and is considered the separate property of the receiving party.

Divorce Initiated by the Husband

  • Deferred Mahr: If the divorce is initiated by the husband, he is obligated to pay a specified sum as deferred Mahr, over and above the initial amount. This payment is considered the wife’s separate property and is allocated to her upon the dissolution of the marriage.

Divorce Initiated by the Wife

  • Mahr Repayment: In the event that the wife initiates the divorce, she agrees to pay a specified amount back to the husband. This scenario includes a waiver of any deferred Mahr amount that exceeds the initial payment. The payment made by the wife is deemed the husband’s separate property and is allocated to him upon the dissolution of the marriage.