This section specifies the conditions under which one party is entitled to receive financial support from the other post-termination of the marriage, excluding scenarios involving death.

General Provisions

  • Maintenance Exclusions: The husband is expressly barred from seeking any form of maintenance and support from the other, covering all possible claims past, present, or future, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Initiated by Husband: If the divorce is initiated by the husband, the other party is entitled to receive an additional maintenance amount. This amount is defined in the agreement and is paid over a set number of months beyond the initial maintenance period.

Specific Maintenance Entitlements

  • Fixed-Term Maintenance: Upon marriage termination, one party is entitled to receive a fixed monthly maintenance amount for a predetermined period. This is set regardless of the termination cause, except in the case of death.

  • Condition-Based Extension: If a specific condition (e.g., pregnancy) is met at the time of marriage termination, the maintenance payments are to be extended until a specific event occurs (e.g., the birth of a child).

Calculation and Payment

  • Monthly Payments: The maintenance amount is to be paid monthly. The agreement specifies the total sum for the initial fixed period and the extended period, outlining the duration and total amount payable.

  • Adjustment for Special Conditions: Provisions are made for adjusting the maintenance terms based on specific conditions existing at the time of marriage termination, ensuring fairness and consideration of unforeseen circumstances.